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"Run Dusk til Dawn"
2016 Heart of Darkness
July 16-17, 2016 - Run DUSK til DAWN
Round 3 of the BC TSD Rally Championship
Presented by the West Coast Rally Association

Heart of Darkness is an overnight Time-Speed-Distance Rally on gravel roads. There will be a Novice School offered at no extra cost; sign up is required to participate in the school. Novice School will provide a basic understanding of TSD rules, and navigator and driver roles and techniques. The school will cover all time-speed-distance calculations needed to be successful in BC TSD Novice or Calculator classes. The rally follows the current Rally Pacific Motorsports Association TSD Rally Regulations, which are posted on http://rallybc.com, and the C.A.R.S. General Competition Rules. The rally runs on straight-forward instructions. The rally will be about 500 km long, entirely within the province of BC, and will start with an odometer check section of approximately 25 km. Roads will be 20% paved and 80% gravel.

Instructions are provided in both km and miles, but the official measurements and calculations are based on the km figures. The event will start and end in Merritt, BC, at Golden Chopsticks Restaurant. Reservations have been made at the restaurant for the start of registration and dinner (5:00pm) and will be located in the back meeting room across from the Quality Inn lobby.

Reservations have also been made at the restaurant for the finish and will be located in the main restaurant, please enter through the main doors facing Walters St.
Officials of the Event
Rallymasters: Darsi Sullivan ([email protected]) (778) 240-3271


Registrar: Darsi Sullivan ([email protected]) (778) 240-3271
Steward: TBA  
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