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The 2011 Totem Rally- “since before 1959 !! ”
November 12/13, 2011
Presented by West Coast Rally Association
Totem Rally - Final Results
updated: November 14, 2011
Car #
Driver Navigator Vehicle Class Points
Glenn Wallace (WA) R.Dale Kraushaar (AZ) 08 Subaru Forester XT Unlimited 26
Eric Horst (WA) Stephen Mats Mats (WA) 83 Audi quattro Historic 28
Marinus Damm (OR) Renee Damm (OR) 90 BMW 325 IX Unlimited 29
Tom Burgess (BC) Jim Bowie (BC) 10 Toyota RAV4 Unlimited 41
Trevor Fane (BC) Bill Fane (BC) 07 Subaru Impreza 2.5i Unlimited 100
Jeff McMillen (WA) Marvin Crippen (WA) 87 Subaru RX Unlimited 104
Kim Ward (BC) Rob Corbett (BC) 79 Volvo 242 GT Novice 365
Jay Young (BC) John Galbraith (BC) 98 Subaru Impreza Calculator 379
Robert Friesen (AB) Heather Friesen (AB) 72 Alfa Romeo Berlina Historic 389
Steve Perrit (WA) Kathryn Hansen (WA) 05 Subaru Impreza Unlimited 485
David Fox (WA) Simon Fox (WA) 02 Subaru WRX Calculator 499
Ryan Oliver (BC) Jack Bensley (BC) 70 Volvo 140S Historic 670
Jeremy Baxter (BC) Baxter Sibidol (EM) 93 Honda Civic Novice 682
Alex Kouzmin (BC) Stan Kouzmine (BC) 86 Subaru GL Calculator 690
Bill Walsh (WA) Hans Adomeit (WA) 85 Saab 900 Historic 885
Clarke Bayles (BC) Maralyn Hope (BC) 90 VW Golf Calculator 1158
Richard Childs (AB) Helen Welter (AB) 88 BMW 325 IX Unlimited 1679
Aaron Neibel (BC) Meena Neibel (BC) 98 Subaru 2.5RS Novice 2108
Jason Bailey (BC) Padraic Garrety (BC) 69 Saab Sonett Novice 2901
Ron Janzen (SK) Sandy Hurton (AB) 71 BMW 2002 Calculator 2929
Neil Forster (BC) Ryan Forster (BC) 02 Subaru Impreza Unlimited DNF
Adam Clees (WA) Darsi Sullivan (BC) 92 Honda Civic Novice DNF
Gary Webb (AZ) John Kisela (WA) 10 Mini Cooper Clubman Unlimited DNF

The Totem Rally is a time-speed-distance rally, the final round of the BC Rally Championship, and the final round of the Pacific Coast Challenge. The rally follows the current BC Rally Regulations, which are posted on www.rallybc.com. The rally runs on straight-forward instructions. I n addition to the route instructions, maps will be provided. The rally will be about 800km long, entirely within the province of BC, and will start with an odometer check section of about 15km. Roads are expected to be about 30% clear pavement, 50% snow-covered, and 20% gravel, however, conditions are extremely variable at this time of year. Instructions are provided in both km and miles, but the official measurements and calculations are based on the km figures.

Officials of the Event:
Route Master/Organizer: Paul Westwick paul@rallybc.com Registrar: Dennis Wende dennis@rallybc.com
Co-Organizer: Nicki Beverly nicki@rallybc.com Steward: TBA  
Control Crews :
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