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"Run Dusk til Dawn"
2008 Heart of Darkness
Round 4 of the 2008 BC TSD Rally Championship
Hosted by the West Coast Rally Association
The Heart of Darkness is a challenging, all night time-speed-distance event. It is round 4 of the BC Rally Championship and follows the 2008 BC Rally Regulations and the CARS General Competition Rules. The rally is held in southern British Columbia and runs on straight forward instructions. The event will be approximately 500 km in length with the roads being about 80% gravel and 20% paved. Maximum distance between gas stops is 250 km (150 miles).
2008 Heart of Darkness Results
Overall Class Driver Navigator Vehicle Points
1 1st Unlimited RJ Carroll Michelle Mah 1999 Blue Subaru RS 210
2 1st Calc Karl Nylund Shane Annadale 2004 Blue WRX 1555
3 1st Novice Kevin Aartsen ____ Rinke Black VW Golf 1626
4 2nd Unlimited Jason Webster Brandon Harer 2004 Silver Subaru STi 2169
5 2nd Calc Jay Young Alyse Young White Honda Civic 2878
6 1st Historic Gary Webb John Kiesla 1982 Toyota Celica 4542
7 Novice Lorne Hammond Barry Bryne 1987 Red Chevy Sprint DNF- Steering/ Lights

OFFICIALS of the Event
Rally Master: Nicki Beverley 250.575.3831, [email protected], Ren Carroll [email protected]
Registrar: Dennis Wende 604.931.8681, [email protected]
Steward: Paul Westwick [email protected]

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