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WCRA Novice Series
The West Coast Rally Association puts on a series of novice events. These are shorter versions of the regional TSD series and introduce the competitor to all the aspects of rallying without the time and expense of the major series.
Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rallies are competitions where a team (driver and navigator) follow prescribed routes at designated speeds. Checkpoints (CP's) are placed along the route at locations unknown to the teams. The object is to arrive at each checkpoint at exactly the right time as determined by the designated speeds and distance traveled. Scoring is based upon time early or late at each checkpoint.
BC Regional Rally Rules and Supplementary Regulations are the rules by which the game is played, and route instructions (RI's) tell you where to go and how fast to drive.
Year in Detail        
Novice 2008

Novice 2009

Novice 2006
Novice 2000
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